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Professional Edition 1.2 (November 2021)

Professional Edition 1.2 Release Notes

Puma Scan’s 1.2 release is an update for the Puma Scan End User, Server, and Azure DevOps Editions.

System Requirements

  • End User Edition for Visual Studio Code requires Visual Studio Code for Windows, macOS, or Linux and the .net 5 SDK or .netcore 3.1 SDK.

  • End User Edition for Visual Studio requires Visual Studio 2019 v16.0 or higher.

  • End User Edition for Visual Studio 2017 requires Visual Studio 2017 v15.9 or higher.

  • Server Edition requires a Windows Server with the following:

    • .NET Framework v4.7.2

    • The Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 are both supported. Ensure you have at least 1 of the following installed:

      • Build Tools 2017 version 15.8 or higher

      • Build Tools 2019 version 16.4 or higher

  • Azure DevOps Edition requires a hosted Azure Build Pipeline using the vs2017-win2016 or windows-2019 build agent.

Framework Enhancements

  • Enhancement: The default dataflow analysis engine is now Dataflow Analysis Engine v2.0 for new installations and projects or solution running Puma Scan Professional edition for the first time. Projects with existing .pumafile’s will remain on the version of the dataflow analysis engine specified in the file’s DataflowAnalysisEngineVersion property.

End User Edition for Visual Studio Code

  • Bug fix: Installations of the .net 5 SDK prevented Puma Scan Professional End User edition for VS Code to operate successfully. Puma Scan Professional End User Edition for VS Code now fully supports the .net 5 SDK.